Our premier lounge enables you to #stepbeyondfuture and

#igniteyoursenses to experience Virtual reality, Augmented reality

and Mixed reality beyond imagination. We also provide you with a

new dimension to reality by applying state of the art technology to

shape the future of different aspects of your life.


Why limit yourself to a screen when you can be part of the game!

Step out of cozy surroundings into a new reality and let your senses run wild to experience immersive and entertaining exploration of different gaming worlds.


Use groundbreaking technology to make

education interesting and accessible for all ages. Achieve better

learning outcomes for tomorrow’s leaders.


Play the piano, dance to music or paint on your canvas with the

help of virtual content. Take your friend on a virtual world tour even

if they are on the other side of the world. If friends are not available

for social gaming, practise boxing or try your luck with the cricket

bat against world class bowlers.


Create, connect and collaborate with Vortex to bring your idea to life. From creating 3D virtual products and apps to enabling employees and clients to place digital content in their physical surroundings, we offer a variety of services to transform your business strategies.

training simulators

Provide safe training environments with the use of flight simulators and virtual training centres for armed forces, athletes etc.

Keep track records of all activities and statistics to assess your skills.

politics - events

Celebrities, time pressed executives and public figures can now

interact with corporate colleagues in the same room from across

the world. Captivate audiences by bringing holograms of historic

figures to perform on stage.

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