Experience next generation virtual reality gaming with our VR stations.

VR Motorbike

Restore speed and passion

With panoramic graphics and immersive motion, thrill seekers can race against each other as they would in an illegal street race.

VR racer

Wander off the beaten path

Unlike arcade style simulators, we provide our racing enthusiasts with the most sophisticated multidirectional motion platform contributing to the ultimate level of realism and immersion.

VR Flight

The cockpit is yours


Ever dreamt of flying? Free your senses and take to the skies or engage in advanced tactical operations, if you can handle it.


Gaming in motion

Get off your comfortable couch and walk, run or sprint into the virtual gaming world and face the digital avatars of your teammates or opponents.


Immerse into virtual diversity

Equipped with latest, state of the art motion platform technology, experience anything from thrilling roller coaster rides, to exploring the underwater world or escape into unknown galaxies.

VR amaze

Take it easy

Ideal for inquisitive toddlers or adults who want to experience VR from the comfort of their chair; this standalone VR headset will let you watch a movie, wander around the world or even shoot zombies.


VR rooms

Get inside the game

Experience the adrenaline rush of adventure sports, the thrills of shooting in a battlefield, fight fear and vertigo, communicate and interact with digital avatars of your friends… the list is endless.



VR playstation

Take a break for the big screen


Grab a coffee, put your feet up and continue gaming on our cozy couch.

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